External Disk - what is it? External Disk - what is it? How Assemble it?

The External Disk is a Peripheral input and output data (Input / Output). It is intended primarily to perform Backup and file storage.

In systems with low Disk capacity this accessory is very useful because it lets you free up disk space page. Basically, External Hard Disk is a "normal" Disk, which is placed in a specific box allowing it to be connected via a USB port, e-SATA or Network. The socket boxes depends on the manufacturer.

Boxes for external disk must be acquired in accordance with:

  • Disk Size – The discs may be 1.8 inches, 2.5 inches and 3.5 inches;
  • Disk Technology –As the disk is IDE or SATA, the box must accept the corresponding technology. Can not connect an IDE drive to a SATA box, eg;
  • Technology External Link - Can be connected by USB-2, USB-3, E-Sata and RJ45 connector (for Network).

For example, if you have a SATA II disk that is not mounted on the computer and want to convert it to an external disk, you should look for a box of 3-inch SATA drive.

Note that the "speed" at which data will be transmitted will depend on the "output" of the box. If for example there is a SATA-III to be connected to an outlet box with USB-2, the data transmission rate is a maximum of 480 Mbps (i.e., the speed of USB port).

External disk cases

While mounting the disk in the box is very easy if you follow the instructions of the manual that accompanies it, we give an example of the steps below.

Mounting Example of External Disk

The box that we will use as an example has the following characteristics:

  • Case for 3.5" SATA Disk;
  • Outputs Firewire, USB 2, and rj45;
  • Aluminum Box, to facilitate heat dissipation.

As mentioned above, assembly is very easy. Should follow the following sequence:

1 - Remove the screws to open the box

Mount / Dismount Box for External Hard Disk

2 - Open the box in the direction of the arrows

Mount / Dismount Box for External Hard Disk

3 - Place the disk on the board. Insert and tighten the four screws

Mount / Dismount Box for External Hard Disk

4 - The wiring diagram of the Data Cable and Power Cable is the following

Mount / Dismount Box for External Hard Disk

5 - Reassemble the box and tighten the screws as described in point 1.


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Author: José JR Crispim
Publication Date: 2013, June

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