Our facilities are located in the town of Barreiro in Portugal, in a central location with easy access:

  • Praceta Ribeiro Sanches, 7 - 3º Dtº
    2830-146 Barreiro - Portugal
  • Latitude: 38.651964 or 38º 39' 7'' N
  • Longitude: -9.055818 or 9º 3' 21'' W
  • Mobile Phone: 351 965 118 645
  • e-Mail:
  • Note: The e-mail above isn't intended to questions about Hardware (hardware's doubts, requests for help, and similar). I'll be happy to respond if you please put them in the Forum

Phone calls or e-mail with Advertising / Marketing:

  • Any call from Marketing / Advertising, the phone will be switched off immediately;
  • Any email with Marketing / Advertising, will be eliminated immediately;
  • In either case above, the entity that sent will be put on our blacklist to never be contacted by us;
  • We haven't made any kind of business with entities that use such strategies.