Computers Hardware

Buy a Computer "brand" or "white line"? Buy a Computer "expensive" or "cheap"? Buy in the "Supermarket" or in "Shop Quarter"? How to send repairs without "being cheated"?
These are some of the questions that most potential buyers put before buying a computer.

You need to renew the "computer equipment"? Knowing that the market does not deserve full confidence and have questions about what and where to buy? Is it worth hiring a third-party service to help with the task?

It is in this context that we work. We provide consulting services (ie, we advise) in Hardware. Obviously we have technical skills that allow you to perform all work in the area, including:

  • Consulting on acquisition of hardware - what to buy? where to buy? buy assembled or "per piece"?. We are not sellers of hardware, but we can advise and mediate the purchase;
  • Installation and Configuration - If you want you can set up and configure your computer. Configuration is done in a personalized on each computer, ie, we do not use backups to "dispatch the job". This work is performed at the customer premises;
  • Maintenance - The hardware does not require "maintenance" monthly, unless the workplace is an environment "aggressive" (environment with dust, oils ...). In this case, it is appropriate to perform periodic preventive maintenance (cleaning, replacing thermal paste, etc.);
  • Repair - We diagnose and repair faults. This work is done on your premises.