Local Networks

Currently, the implementation of a network is a process much less expensive than in the past. The widespread use of networks enabled by a side economies of scale led to a substantial reduction in the price of equipment and the other to greater reliability and facildade installation of equipment, due to the large technological evolution which allowed the integration of equipment.

While in the past the implementation of a network required the acquisition of various equipment (router, switch, gateway, bridge, firewall), currently implementing a small network (4 hosts ) is done with a single router, which in reality besides being "router", have other integrated features.

We have designed local networks of small / medium sized, wired and wireless. We perform the following work:

  • Analysis of Local Implementation - It will be the first approach, which analyzes the infrastructure needs. This approach will allow gather the information needed for the project;
  • Project - Preparation of Report, which shall include plant network, connecting equipment, ip's of each host, among other;
  • Presentation of the project to the client, to discuss possible changes and approval;
  • Acquisition of equipment - we can mediate the purchase of active equipment (routers, for example) and passive equipement (cables, for example), but we have not made resale or sale of such;
  • Passive equipment installation - the wiring can be installed by us if this is not to imply civil construction work;
  • System integration network - at this stage proceed to the configuration of the entire network (routers, switches, operating system ...).