Information Systems Management

A system is a set of interconnected components that work together to pursue a common goal. In a computer-based system, the main components of the system are the equipment and the people who interact with it.

The failure of some management systems, are not due to hardware or software, but rather people. And in this case, those responsible are not the people who interact with the system, but the implementers.
This happens because there is no care to consult the people who interact with the system, before defining and implementing. The Company may have hardware and management software fantastic, but the results you get from the system are below the initially expected.

The cost of your system does not correspond to the results? The obtaining of information is complex? Users have difficulty getting information? Maybe you need to rearrange the system! Or entity that provides assistance, is not fulfilling its function! Or users need training!

If you need advice and someone to coordinate the whole process, we may be the nominees. Eg:

  • System analysis, with extensive consultation with users;
  • Analysis procedures, circuits documentary;
  • Emphasis on the analysis of the parameterization accounting (general, analytical and budgetary), as is the origin of much of the operational information.
  • We do not sell systems but if you pretendender we can mediate their supply.