Web Design Sites in HTML-5 and CSS-3

For companies, the main goal of a website accessible on the Internet is to make known their products and services. If a user searches for a particular product or service, it is important that the website of your company to appear in the top positions.

For a website to appear in the top positions after a search, there are two ways to do it:

  • Paying ads to search engines (eg Google);
  • Develop the site taking care to have the code irrepressibly drawn (no errors), in accordance with the standards of W3C (entity responsible for web standards).
  • In addition to the above requirement, the site must be compatible with the techniques for optimization in search engines (SEO - Search Engine Optimization).

A good way to see if the site has no errors, is to use the W3C Validator. For example, in this site, just select one of the images on the bottom right that will have information about the validity of the HTML code of each page.

How the Internet (network) standards are important and how this network is evolving in the control of correct and incorrect patterns (for safety), the importance of this is evident.

In this context, the fact that having a website with "full" animation but with error code (sometimes due to this animation) will not have any competitive advantage.

We do not make animated websites. We make static websites developed code of the latest versions of HTML and CSS standards and use SEO techniques for indexing.
So there ensuring a better indexing of the website and a consequent greater visibility of products and services of a company