Our culture

"The problem in today's world is that the intelligent are full of doubt and some idiots are full of certainties. The intelligent are called undecided the idiots are called experts" (Henry Charles Bukowski Jr. - German Poet).

We could say that we are the best, but in reality we hesitate, we don't have de right solution immediately, do endless questions, we also make mistakes and say it without preoccupation, but...

  • We are humble and acknowledge our mistakes, learn from them and try to improve ourselves continuously;
  • We know that we do not own even a small piece of knowledge, so we researched continuously trying to improve our skills;
  • We start from the principle that anyone who knows the management of each company, are the respective managers. Therefore, we adapt our work to the expectations of them;
  • When we work, our assumption is that we are just a tool, knowledge of which may (or may not) be used to optimize the flow of information of each Company;
  • The humility, intelligence and knowledge are the key features that we use to try to find the best solution for each problem.

Our work

  • Under the Consulting, we support the optimization of existing systems or their conversion;
  • We suggest the appropriate hardware for each activity studying better relationship quality / price according to the needs. If the customer wishes, we proceeded to assist in the acquisition setup and configuration of computers;
  • We design, plan, install and configure local networks;
  • We designed, implemented and parameterized of management information systems;
  • We plan, organize and we lecture professional trainig courses;
  • We develop websites in HTML5 and CSS, with simplicity but with high power of the Internet expansion, as exemplified by the present site;
  • We have carried out maintenance of all system components (hardware and software).
  • We are not system vendors. Our work is to solve the problems that the Company has with its systems.
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